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The healing journey has no end. Each non-linear and spiralic step brings us closer to our natural state- to the innate wisdom that our bodies hold; to the deep knowing of Love in all things. New depths revealed beneath each layer uncovered. We shed old skins and create space for new, only to eventually shed that skin just the same.

Victoria Beckham's Moon Water May Not Be As Magical As It Sounds

Each fitting the evolving expression of our essence, embodying the scenario we find ourselves growing through. In the forest today I cried with joy to be alive, and awestruck wonder at the magic that is my life. Feeling deeply into the mystery that the mundane reads back to me- revealing fractals and reflecting Truth. The Earth provides all that I need- I need only to see with clarity, the web that we weave co-creatively.

My main objective is to share this system of guidance and wisdom that has so deeply nourished me, with you.

Astrological correspondences

I am offering a detailed written interpretation of guidance from the tarot cards that I pull for you, as well as photos of the reading. We can discuss what you are looking to find clarity on and deepen your understanding of in order to determine what spread will be most illuminating for you. For all inquiries please email me at paxtonsierra protonmail.

Wheatland Music Organization. But also like the sacred pleasure of offering my moon blood and song to a waterfall spirit, And hiding away in an ancient redwood tree. It has felt like stirring, pausing, crashing, floating, sinking, drowning- and coming back to life anew. And I am so grateful.

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Repeat PISCES SEPTEMBER TAROT READING by Moon Water Tarot - You2Repeat

My Most Epic Trip Ever! Take a glimpse of our night in this podcast!

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