Jupiter in taurus vedic astrology

Benefic retrograde Jupiter in the fifth house in the sign of Taurus can make some natives interested in the field of hospitality due to which these natives may achieve success through professions like airline industry, hotel industry, travel industry, cinema industry and other such professions. Apart from this, benefic retrograde Jupiter in the fifth house in the sign of Taurus can bless the native with success through many other fields of profession, depending on his overall horoscope.

On the other hand, malefic retrograde Jupiter in the fifth house of a horoscope in the sign of Taurus can trouble the native with problems related to marriage, profession, health, children and many other types of problems depending on the overall tone of his horoscope. Some natives may feel the impact of this malefic retrograde Jupiter in the sphere of their marriage due to which they may have to face many types of problems related to their marriages.

Malefic retrograde Jupiter in the fifth house in the sign of Taurus can delay the marriages of some natives till late or very late in their lives, depending on their overall horoscopes. In extreme cases when supported by other malefic planets, malefic retrograde Jupiter in the fifth house in the sign of Taurus can make the native wait till 42 years of his life in order to get married and such native may also have to suffer the loss of a long lasting and valuable love relationship.

Jupiter in sign

Visit Our Blog: HimanshuShangari. We can jump into its analysis and can make predictions and I have given some general predictions for each ascendant where Career, Relationship , Wealth and Health is discussed. All transits work with each other like double transit theory , the same way you need to consider followings transits also because they will be affecting the final outcome of Jupiter transit in Scorpio.

Not to forget that Jupiter is a slow planet and making a prediction on Jupiter transit can be tricky therefore the predictions of these predictions are general in nature and for accurate predictions, other factors in Horoscope will matter. But you may question here whether these predictions for will hold true for each month? Because Jupiter will change significantly in navamsha during its transits through Scorpio sign.

Jupiter in Taurus

For accurate predictions on your horoscope email me on consult thevedichoroscope. For Aries ascendant, Jupiter is Lord of the 9th and 12th house and basically is a benefic planet unless afflicted in the natal horoscope. During Jupiter transit , Jupiter will be going to your 8th house. So technically in 8th house, Jupiter is going to become weak and you may be fearing negative results about the same.

But as mentioned before, each and every Horoscope is different and the dynamics in your Horoscope will be different from the other Horoscope. I will give an example here which is related to me.

Introduction: Jupiter Transit 12222

I am a Pisces ascendant and Jupiter in Libra is in my 8th house. And I had a really good time in this period. It is because the Dynamics in my Horoscope were supporting good times even in Jupiter transit in 8th house i. The same way your own Horoscope may have such conditions which can turn tides in your favor. During Jupiter transit , planet Jupiter is going to your 8th house and being Lord of the 6th and 9th house there will some hectic events at the workplace.

There will be unnecessary traveling and issues at the workplace will be there. Especially the Boss or seniors may try to put pressure on you, so keep your guards on. Those who have Vipreet Rajyoga in their Natal Horoscope, they can expect some dramatic rise in their life. But the process will not smooth but the end results will make you happy. This transit of Jupiter in Scorpio sign is also supportive for abroad travels and posting but only when Dasha is favorable for it.

Overall not so good transit but you never know your own Horoscope may allow you to arise. This Jupiter transit is looking quite favorable for attainment of wealth through inheritance or sudden gains through investment like speculations.

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If you want to see if you can have sudden gains then check if there a relationship of 2nd and 11th house with 8th house. Though there are other factors also but this one is the main one. Usually, we get inheritance through father and chances for you will be there when Jupiter will have a temporary shift to Sagittarius sign. Even if that is not the case with you, I suggest you look for gains from speculations but make sure you get your Horoscope analysis and take expert advice on this matter. So, this is the thing probably you are here for.

And this Jupiter transit is not showing harmony in your married life especially if your gender is female. Relationship with the spouse may go sour or a communication gap may develop and this can be because of improvement in the status of the spouse. Jupiter transit in 8th house is looking quite supportive for spouse progress. So you need to make sure you handle it nicely.

The same time your relationship with your father may go hey wire in Also, the relationship with teachers will also be a downside. For those who are looking to convert their love affair into marriage, may find obstacles in their path.

Best is to avoid taking it further towards marriage, rather give it more time because making it official. So you need to make sure you are taking the right steps and try to not to hurt their feelings. This is also a grey area in this transit because Jupiter is 12th house Lord and Jupiter transit in 8th house may cause hospitalizations if such combinations are present in your natal chart. Those who are already suffering through any health issues may find it hard to deal with it and a proper cure my avoid you during So make sure you take all the cautions for your health.

Since during Jupiter transit in Scorpio is showing some negativity, you can increase the strength of Jupiter via wearing a Yellow Sapphire expensive option or a Yellow Beryl cheap option.

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  7. Then same time try to read Vishnusahatranaam whenever possible. For you, Jupiter is basically a malefic planet but it rules over an important 11th house also during Jupiter transit, planet Jupiter will be passing through your 7th house. So it is looking much better than its current transit in the 6th house. Jupiter transit looks quite progressive for career and there are chances of having a promotion or a salary hike for you. Those who are looking for abroad opportunities will find the support of planets in this Jupiter transit.

    Overall a better transit for the career then past few years, make sure you be progressive and take balanced decisions in it. As mentioned above Career aspects is looking bright in this Jupiter transit in Scorpio sign same way. Wealth will also be on rising for you, and the reason is simple for that. Jupiter is Lord of 11th house and rules over wealth prospects and in 7th house will trigger conditions which will bring wealth for you.

    Also, Jupiter has lordship over the 8th house so a factor of sudden gains or inheritance is also seen. So if by chance you are on verge of getting an inheritance or if there is a possibility of sudden gains, then this transit of Jupiter will prove very lucky for you. Jupiter transit is looking very favorable for the progress of spouse and during this transit, Jupiter will bless your family with funds which can be medium or large depending on wealth yoga in your Horoscope.

    But the relationship with the spouse may not go smooth and some miscommunication can occur. Though for such situations to generate, there should be combinations which create problems in the marriage.

    Regarding the chances of marriage, if you are in Dasha which causes marriage. Then this Jupiter Transit is looking very favorable for getting a spouse. Those who are in a relationship can take it further and marriage and can disclose it to their near and dear ones.

    Jupiter in Taurus: Tenacious, Cautious, and Pleasure-Seeking

    Regarding the relationship with parents, this Jupiter Transit may not prove completely auspicious and their health will also be affected in this transit of Jupiter in Scorpio sign. So you need to make sure how you will manage all this. This area is something which needs attention because due to the lordship of Jupiter 8th and 11th house.

    Know result of planet Jupiter in Taurus Zodiac Sign (Jupiter sign Taurus) as per Vedic Astrology

    It does carry some negative aspects with it which can hamper your general health and vitality. If you are having an issue like diabetics, have high body weight or any other ongoing issues. The year is looking more negative in this regard and somehow you have to manage it this. The best remedy for you is to make your Yogakaraka Saturn strong via a Blue Sapphire expensive option or an Amethyst cheap option.

    This will allow you to make better decisions and you will be able to gain the most out of this Jupiter transit in Scorpio sign. For Gemini ascendant, Jupiter will be going in your 6th house and as you know the 6th house is a malefic house and any transit of benefic planet in it is not desirable. On top of that Jupiter is Lord of two very important houses for you.